Terms of stay

Terms of stay

These regulations specify conditions of stay and the Guest's liability rules for apartment short-term rental provided by BookingHost.

1. The stay in the apartment starts not earlier than at 3:00 PM on the first day of the planned stay and ends on the last day at 12.00.

2. Check-in before 15.00 and leaving the apartment after 12.00 on the last day of the stay are possible in exceptional cases, but only after notifying and obtaining permission to extend the stay from BookingHost company representative.

3. In the event of leaving the apartment after 15.00, without prior approval, or any time after the agreed upon time with BookingHost, BookingHost will charge a fee of 1500 PLN.

4. On the day of commencement of the stay, the apartment is handed over to Guest at the previously agreed time, but not earlier than at 15.00. The Guest is given the keys to the apartment and is familiarized with the premises. BookingHost is not liable to the Guest for any delay in handing over the apartment due to the lack of notification of the arrival time by the Guest.

5. The Guest's check-in between 22.00 - 6.00 is possible upon prior notification and consent by BookingHost.

6. On the day of check-in and handing over the keys to the BookingHost, BookingHost is entitled to ask the Guest to present their ID card or passport in order to write down the Guest's personal details.

7. The Guest is obliged to use the apartment in line with its intended use, provisions of the Regulations and common rules of social coexistence, in particular not disturbing the peace of third parties, including people living in neighboring premises. It is strictly forbidden to invite third parties, as well as organizing events.

8. The apartment is a subject of a night silence between 22.00 - 6.00.

9. BookingHost has the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect if the Guest, whenever persons staying in the premises or an animal behaves aggressively or disturbs the peace of third parties, including people living in neighboring premises.

10. In the event of circumstances set out in paragraph 9 above, BookingHost is entitled to call the appropriate public services to the premises in order to investigate the situation in the premises.

11. The apartments offered by BookingHost are strictly non-smoking, in particular non-smoking of a tobacco products.

12. In the event of violation of the prohibition set out in point 11 or in point 7 above, BookingHost charges a fee of PLN 1,500 net, which does not limit the possibility of claiming damages on general terms.

13. The Guest is obliged to take care of the apartment with due diligence, in particular to lock the entrance door of the apartment, close the windows and balcony doors during the absence, and not take any furnishings or equipment out of the premises.

14. Guest is obliged to report immediately to BookingHost any faults observed in the apartment.

15. Following the reservation agreement, BookingHost is obliged to hand over the apartment to the Guest in a condition suitable for use and maintain it in this condition for the duration of the lease.

16. The Guest is responsible for all kinds of damages caused in the apartment, in particular in its equipment and its permanent elements, whenever caused by the Guest's action / omission or action / omission of persons or animals that stayed in the premises during the Guest’s period of stay.

17. There is a mandatory and returnable deposit, as well as fees or fines for using the premises in a manner inconsistent with the regulations:

a. At the latest, a mandatory refundable deposit, paid by bank transfer or pre-authorization on a credit card is required on arrival. The deposit is returned after the Guest leaves the premises and after checking the state of the premises by BookingHost.

b. In the case of credit card payments, funds are blocked on the Guest’s bank account for the period of 10 working days.

c. BookingHost is not responsible for delays in registration of a deposit refund transaction or for unblocking of funds to the Guests’s bank account by any financial institutions or banks.

d. The minimum deposit amount is PLN 1500

e. The deposit is a security for the BookingHost and may be retained in the event of the need to cover the costs of damage caused by the Guest while using the premises. This applies to both damage to the equipment of the premises, as well as fees associated with improper use of the premises or fees or penalties related to breaking any point of the regulations.

f. In the event of damages or charges or penalties exceeding the value of the deposit, Guest undertakes to cover all claims of BookingHost and agrees to charge his credit card with the amount corresponding to the value of damages, fees or penalties.

g. BookingHost reserves the right to claim compensation separately from the value of the damages and fees covered above or claiming supplementary compensation, based on the general principles of the Civil Code, in the case of damage exceeding the value of the refundable deposit or other unforeseeable damage at the moment their liquidation or non-pecuniary damage, in particular lost profits.

h. Guest agrees to the valuation of damages and fees made by BookingHost and will not raise any objections to the valuation of damages and fees.